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umbraco.MacroEngines.PropertyResult 19 May 2016 Francesca Altamura, Tamar Clarke-Brown and Bar Yerlushalmi

embassyHACK - The embassyHACK curators on the curatorial process

This project has taught us a lesson on the more pragmatic aspects of curatorial work. Problem-solving has been the key word in completing this project, as the ideas have continually developed and significantly grown since the project’s initial inception. New ideas have been incorporated with constant workshopping sessions between ourselves, Government Art Collection staff and artists/ collaborators, which has proven to be a powerful method key to any successful collaboration.

umbraco.MacroEngines.PropertyResult 6 May 2016 Francesca Altamura, Tamar Clarke-Brown and Bar Yerlushalmi

embassyHACK - Working with the GAC

“Working with the Government Art Collection team has changed my outlook on working with institutions. Originally I was apprehensive and expecting some resistance, inherent in the bureaucratic nature of any institution, but have been pleasantly surprised and encouraged by the openness and accommodating nature of the GAC staff.” — Tamar Clarke-Brown

umbraco.MacroEngines.PropertyResult 18 April 2016 Francesca Altamura, Tamar Clarke-Brown and Bar Yerlushalmi

embassyHACK - About the project

embassyHACK is a tactical media project that uses alternative access points into the Government Art Collection, on view from April 15 - May 6, 2016 (via programmed events only).

umbraco.MacroEngines.PropertyResult 24 August 2015 Chantal Condron

Wild Boy at the Government Art Collection

This summer at the Government Art Collection (GAC), a collaboration with children's author Rob Lloyd Jones and Pop Up Projects, a not-for-profit children's literature agency, culminated in school workshops based around an intriguing Victorian fictional character. Chantal Condron, Curator of Information and Research tells us how it all began …

umbraco.MacroEngines.PropertyResult 25 March 2014 Chantal Condron

‘Such men have lost all patriotic feeling’

Wandering through The Great War in Portraits at the National Portrait Gallery last week, I suddenly remembered a poem by Siegfried Sassoon that I studied aeons ago for a school exam.

umbraco.MacroEngines.PropertyResult 18 November 2013 Nicky Hodge

Gillian Carnegie at Tate Britain

Nominated for the Turner Prize in 2005, Gillian Carnegie is one of five contemporary painters currently showcased in Tate Britain's Painting Now exhibition.

umbraco.MacroEngines.PropertyResult 10 October 2013 Chantal Condron

Ada, Abstraction and the Antipodes

If Ada Lovelace, the 19th-century British mathematician and daughter of Lord Byron were alive today, I have a feeling she would have been happy knowing that she is the subject of the Government Art Collection (GAC)'s very first blog.